About Dr. Kron

Dr Lawrence KronDr. Kron is a licensed clinical psychologist, psychodynamically trained, who works in a proactive and collaborative way with his clients.

He is particularly sought out as a psychologist for his expertise in relationship issues, marital conflicts, and the struggles of business leaders, lawyers, and other high functioning professionals who, despite considerable success, feel there is something missing in their lives. He also works with adolescents who face more than the usual growing pains, parents who want to do a better job with their children, and patients with chronic illnesses and their caregivers.

Previous experiences as an officer and director of a publicly traded company, as well as in the practice of business law, have uniquely equipped him to help entrepreneurs and executives with a variety of interpersonal business-related issues. He understands legal and business issues in a way that facilitates working with those having difficulties with employers, employees, and co-workers. He can also effectively help with difficulties relating to the stress of balancing work with other life issues.

As Co-Director for 10 years of the Center for Coping with Chronic Illness, he has helped patients and their families deal with the impact of ongoing medical concerns, the turmoil involved in the constant re-adjustments that medical illnesses require, and the feelings of dependence, guilt and frustration that often arise.

Clinical Positions and Advisory Boards: Following Dr. Kron’s internships at Sinai Hospital and Medical Center Psychiatric Associates in Detroit, MI, and the Ridgewood Psychology Center in Royal Oak, MI, he completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Detroit Psychiatric Institute. He then spent 10 years as a staff psychologist at Hutzel Hospital in Detroit. He has served on the board of several professional organizations including the Michigan Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology, the Michigan Group Psychotherapy Society, and the Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy.

Teaching and Training Experience: Dr. Kron has taught courses in Developmental Psychology at Wayne State University and Professional Ethics at the University of Detroit, as well as having supervised clinical psychology students and licensed professionals in Detroit, Royal Oak, and Southfield, MI. He has also run training groups for the ALS nursing staff at the Leonard Florence Center in Chelsea, MA, and has given workshops on Coping with Chronic Illness to patients, caregivers, and mental health professionals. These workshops cover a range of illnesses that include inflammatory bowel disease and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).

Clinical Writing and Lectures: Dr. Kron has lectured widely and written a number of articles to help family members understand the practicalities and dynamics of dealing with a medically ill family member. He has also written and lectured on the subject of working with partners and spouses in couples therapy. Selected titles include:

  • "Family Issues in Living with Chronic Illness"
  • "A Message for the Well Spouse"
  • "Common Hurdles and Stumbling Blocks for Chronic Illness Patients and their Caregivers"
  • "Families Making Adjustments to Chronic Illness"
  • "Stale-Mates: A Psychodynamic Understanding of Married Couples"

Degrees & Doctoral/Post-Doctoral Training

  • Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology) University of Detroit, MI
  • J.D. (Law) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
  • B.B.A. (Business Administration) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
  • Clinical Internship: Ridgewood Psychology Center, Royal Oak, MI
  • Post-Doctoral Training: Detroit Psychiatric Institute, Detroit, MI

Licenses and Professional Memberships

  • Psychology Licenses:
  • Michigan #6301005298
  • Massachusetts #8151
  • Law License:
  • Michigan Bar Association #P16256
  • Memberships:
  • Massachusetts Psychological Association
  • Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy
  • American Group Psychotherapy Association
  • Michigan Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology
  • Massachusetts Association for Psychoanalytic Psychology
  • Michigan Group Psychotherapy Society
  • Michigan Bar Association