Managing the Work/Life Balance
of Successful Entrepreneurs

Successful business entrepreneurs set their sites high and know what it takes to get ahead. The ability to take quick action and to put personal needs aside, a real plus in terms of business success, often creates stress and may require considerable sacrifice in terms of personal relationships and family life. Those closest to such high achievers may fail to appreciate the sacrifices that they are making, creating conflict and more stress.

For high functioning business leaders whose success has come very early, work pressures may have interfered with forming enduring intimate relationships. Despite material success and public recognition, there may be feelings of emptiness, loneliness and general distress accompanied by a nagging sense that something is still missing.

When reducing stress and finding greater meaning feels imperative, or when anxiety and depression interfere with pleasure in life, it may be helpful to talk with a someone whose past experience uniquely equips him to understand these issues. Working collaboratively with such an individual can help you adjust your work/life balance and find greater life satisfaction.