Find the Right Therapy

You are about to embark on an important journey. Finding the right kind of therapy and a psychotherapist who has the qualifications to help you make the most of your journey is critical to getting you where want to go.

Few people would go on a difficult hike without making sure they had shoes that fit well. Yet, often, when seeking psychotherapy, people pay less attention to getting a good fit than they do in buying a pair of shoes.

The kind of psychotherapy that fits will depend on the particular issues that you want to work on and your sense of the skill and experience of the therapist in these particular areas. You will want to acquaint yourself with his training and credentials, whether or not he has had experience training and supervising others in the work that he is doing, and whether he has written about his work.

When first contacting a psychotherapist tell him a little bit about yourself and the issues that you are hoping to work on in therapy. Ask if those areas are a good fit for the kind of work that he does. Often this will give you enough information to determine whether you have gotten to the right person and is a first step in establishing a good working relationship.